About Us

The CDA is an association of national dental associations, which aims to improve dental and oral health in Commonwealth countries by raising the skills of practitioners and increasing awareness of oral health.

Our aims and objectives are:

  • to develop and promote strategies to improve oral health care
  • to encourage the training of appropriate personnel
  • to serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas, professional information and the emerging concepts of oral health
  • to address problems of professional isolation in the non-industrialised Commonwealth countries
  • to stimulate continuing professional education

National dental associations (NDAs) in Commonwealth countries may become a member of the CDA. There is no membership subscription for very small countries. Membership entitles the NDA's members to the use of any password-protected areas of this site, including access to our online learning tools. Financial support for attendance at future CDA meetings and workshops may also be available to representatives of the NDA.

Please contact us through this page: Contact us